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The process of commissioning me to design and build a piece of furniture for a client begins with a meeting either at the client's home or place of business or at my office/workshop. At this meeting, for which there is no charge, my clients can examine a portfolio of my work, along with examples of various materials, and talk about their needs and ideas for furniture. If, after this meeting, they wish to proceed, I will, for a fixed fee, produce design drawings, samples of materials and extensive explanations of the design along with a price for the completed piece. Often, on request, I will also offer an alternative price for a simpler version of the design. The design fee also includes revisions to the design based on the client's responses to the original idea and suggestions for changes. Once we have agreed on the design and the price, the client pays 50% to begin the project and 50% plus the sales tax (where applicable) upon completion. When the piece is to be delivered locally, delivery is included in the price. When the piece must be transported to a distant location, the cost of packing and shipping will be determined upon completion of the project and billed separately to the client at that time.